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The Midwest Fjord Horse Club has developed this helpful 15-minute video “How to trim the Fjord mane and grooming tips“.

The video offers practical, clear answers to tough questions such as:

Why is a well-trimmed Fjord mane so important in the show ring?

How can the arch in the mane enhance the horse’s overall conformation?

What equipment works best to trim the mane?

What can be done with “difficult” manes (overgrown, bushy, thick) to make them look better?

How should the rest of the horse’s head — the ears, poll, nose, jaw, and neck — be groomed?

Narrated by Pat Holland and Patti Jo Walter with demonstrations by Robin Holland, Pat Holland, and other MWFHC members. Filmed, edited, and produced by Patrick Walter. Copyright 2009 by MWFHC, all rights reserved.

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