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Another one of the Club’s educational videos is “Fitting Tack to the Fjord Horse“.

Michelle Endries, owner of Horsey Habit in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, explains how to choose tack that correctly fits Fjords — or any other size, shape, or breed of horse.

About half of this informative 27-minute video shows Michelle’s practical, easy method to evaluate the fit of English and western saddles.

Michelle also discusses these topics:

Choosing the right size, shape, and style of saddle pad
Selecting a girth or cinch and placing it correctly to avoid sores or discomfort
Using shims to adjust saddle fit if necessary
Fitting bridles, bits, and halters for comfort and effectiveness
Sizing and using sport boots and shipping boots

Featuring Michelle Endries. Filmed, edited, and produced by Patrick Walter. Copyright 2010 by MWFHC, all rights reserved.

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