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July 25 and 26, 2017

Many club members had a fantastic time at the most recent Midwest Fjord Horse show!

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A Message from the MWFHC Board

 by:  Andrew Hinrichs, 2017-2018 Vice President

A Note from the Vice President:
Hello Everyone!   I hope that all is well for you and yours.  As summer is wrapping up, here’s a message from your new Vice President, as our new President is out enjoying summer!  First, I would like to take time to thank last year’s officers, as they have put lots of time and effort in to the MWFHC last year, and many previous years also.  Those officers included Kay Van Natta as President, Denny Redfield as Vice President, Therine Gudknecht as Secretary and Sara Weyker as Treasurer.  We recognize and appreciate their efforts and hard work, and the new officers are excited to continue this great work to keep rebuilding our club back to greatness!  I would also like to welcome the new board: Past President Kay Van Natta, current President Denny Redfield, Vice President Andrew Hinrichs, Secretary Karen Hanson and Treasurer Jessica Reuterskiold.  There are many other positions within the club as well and we thank everyone for their continued efforts.  If I have sparked your interest in other positions, check out the whole listing on our club website!

As for club events, the most recent happening was the Blue Earth show.  For those that were there, I think all enjoyed it very much.  For those that weren’t, you missed out!  We hope you can make it next year.   VERY IMPORTANT, and VERY EXCITING, as you mark your calendars for next year’s show, it will be on a weekend!!!!!  Instead of the show starting the Faribault County Fair, now it will be the conclusion, and therefore will be a Saturday and Sunday show!!!  Again, we are very excited for this change as it may make it more available for many to attend.  Thank you goes out to Marlin and the rest of the Fair Board for being open to the change.  This year’s Blue Earth show went very well.  It started off with a friendly fjord family feel with a great potluck next to the arena.  I don’t think anyone went home hungry that night!  Afterwards a couple of mini-clinics were held in the arena.  Myself and Jessica presented on Showmanship and Halter, and the differences between the two, and after that a barrel racing lesson was given by WPRA (Women’s Professional Rodeo Association) President Doreen Wintermute who was staying at the Fair and volunteered to give a lesson!  Both sessions were very well received, and helped get more people to show those classes in the following days.  Both the potluck and mini-clinics are intended to happen again next year at Blue Earth!  Once the show got going, there were good horses, good show-ers, a good judge, and of course some rain as well.  Full results will be posted in this edition of the Tidbits and the Fall edition of the NFHR Herald.  I for one am looking forward to next year already.

As for other events coming up, as discussed at the July meeting, we are working on a trail ride for fjord friends sometime this fall.  There is also a show in Fergus Falls, MN on Sept. 2nd that greatly welcomes Fjords, (it’s called the Unique Breed Schooling Show) and Spring Meeting plans are progressing for a fun weekend in March 2018.  If other fun activities are out there for our fjord friends, please make sure to either get it in the Tidbits, on the website, or on the club Facebook page.  All are great locations to stay informed!

I am realizing this “Note” got much longer than planned, but I for one am extremely excited to stay in gear and keep great things happening for this wonderful club (I am also using it to procrastinate class prep work!).  I am hoping you all get out and enjoy what’s left of summer, and have a great fall as well.  Enjoy those Fjords!!!

Andrew Hinrichs
MWFHC Vice President

In memory of Jim Hovre 

(submitted by Denny and Monie Redfield)

Iduna Acres Fjords all started with Asbjorn and Algot in 1992 in the rolling hills of Wisconsin on Jim and Vicki Hovre farm.  Jim was a draft horse man but those two geldings took him in a new direction.  Soon there were mares and a stallion, and Fjords being sold all over the United States even in Alaska.  A lifelong farmer with an outstanding heard of registered Holstein cows after selling the cattle he embarked into a new hobby raising and showing Fjord horses.  His transition to breeding horses pairing their mares to the right stallions was a success.

Jim faced many tribulations in his life losing his first wife at a very young age.  Leaving him to raise a son, daughter and set of twin boys.  All while milking cows and running the farm.   Vicki and Jim were married in 1989.  There were two more tragedies, the loss of his son Jimmy, one of the twin boys in 1991 and the loss of his daughter Becky in 1997.  Vicki was there to help Jim through these difficult times.  They would have been married 28 years on June 24.   She shared Jim’s passion for Fjord Horses.

It was an awesome sight to see the heard of Fjords grazing in the hillside and their beautiful stallion Stone trotting around in the fence by the yard.  Jim would call to the horses in Norwegian and they would all come running to the barn.

We met Jim at the Midwest Fjord Horse Show.  It can get hectic with harness switching from class to class but when we looked up and here was this fellow hooking up a trace, with a big smile, “need some help!”  This was the start of a long friendship.  We will miss that smile.

The Hovre’s had showed at the Midwest Fjord Horse Show since 1992 and at other county fairs for years with the help of grandchildren.  Their horses were always in the top of the class.
They enjoyed trips to Nordjordeid, Norway; Denmark and Holland to view horse shows and also made many friends along the way.

They routinely drove a team of fjords in many local parades including Nordic Fest in Decorah, IA.   They also gave rides at nursing homes, picnics, and weddings, and the Sons of Norway Youth Camp.  Jim was very proud of his Norwegian heritage.  The table prayer was always said in Norwegian each day.   He was an active member of the Sons of Norway,  where I’m sure there was many conversations in Norwegian and a few jokes too.

He will be missed at the horse auctions and shows and his friendship over pie and coffee.
If he can read this in heaven he will be smiling and his blue eyes twinkling.  He was a  funny and  amazing man.  Jim had many one liners like “Don’t forget to drain your carburetors” before getting in the car to go home.

Rest in peace our dear friend!

(Submitted by Pat Holland)
Jim Hovre will always be remembered by his quiet nature and endearing smile. His and Vickie’s presence at our Midwest Fjord Horse shows gave us all a sense of family and friendship.

First and foremost Jim was a gentleman, his stoic and unflappable essence was much like the Fjord horses he so successfully bred, raised and showed.

Jim had an incredible “eye” for a well put together Fjord. He was the one to beat when it came to conformation and form to function horses. It was very rare when his “Iduna Acres” horses did not take Get of Sire and Produce of Dam, and they always stood at the top of the line individually, from weanlings to aged. 67 horses stand today with the influx of his great “eye”,

“WH Stone” with 63 progeny was Reserve Champion stallion at the 25th NFHR Anniversary show and “Hog Tussa” with 8 progeny and the outstanding NFHR Evaluation conformation score of 85, will make a long standing impact on the North American bred Norwegian Fjord. 

With Jim’s passing we are left with memories of the big shows and competitive classes that gave us the remarkable Fjord horses we see today. We are in debt to him and those who so enjoyed the breed.

Thanks Jim, your legacy lives on.

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