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A Message from the MWFHC Board

 by:  Denny Redfield, MWFHC President

Hi Everyone,

I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and hope you had a Merry Christmas! 
Here in Minnesota we have been in the deep freeze since before Christmas, you know it’s cold when it takes longer to put on your chore clothes than to do the chores.  The Fjords are truly a hardy breed  when it comes to the cold since you’ll find them out playing when it’s -20.  All this cold weather makes me look forward to the annual ritual of grooming Fjord hair off my jacket.
We’re looking forward to the Spring meeting and to the Blue Earth Show.  The Club Officers have a conference call once a month.  I’d like to thank Andrew, Jessica and Karen for all the input and taking time away from their busy schedules.  We welcome any suggestions you have anytime.  Please share your ideas  with me or any of the officers.
I’d also like to say thanks to the past officers, Kay, Therine, Sarah, Janie, and Kristin for all there hard work and helping with the transition to the new officers.
I want to remind everyone that membership dues run from January to December.  So it’s time to renew.  Reminders will be emailed or mailed to those who have requested mailing.  
In this coming year I would like to see more input from our club members.  Let’s hear from you about what your doing with your Fjords, send pictures, info on upcoming events, rides and drives you  been on.  It’s hard to put together a newsletter without information to put in it, so please share with our tidbits editor so we can share with all the club members.
Cheers to a great 2018,

Upcoming Events: for more details see our Events Page.

BLUE EARTH FJORD SHOW: It’s official, the Blue Earth Fjord Show put on by the Faribault County Fair, will be on a weekend this year: July 27-29! There will again be a potluck social for all on Friday evening July 27th at the arena.  Stay tuned for further updates.  Visit http://faribaultcountyfair.com/ to watch for the fair schedule.

Fjord Coloring Books on Amazon

book volume 1Longtime friends and Midwest Fjord Club members,                                 Patti Jo Walter and Pat Holland, have combined their talents to produce two wonderful Fjord Horse coloring books.

Patti Jo is an experienced horse trainer and teacher and had the idea to offer her students coloring books with horse terminology and fun Fjord facts in an enjoyable and educational format.  With Pat Holland’s witty humor and artistic skill as an illustrator, these women have produced coloring books that are published and offered for sale on Amazon.book volume 2

Whether you are young or old, these delightful coloring books need to be added to your Fjord horse collection.

Check out the ad in the “Classified” section of this website.