Hunters Pace event

June 14, 2020 (raindate: June 28)
Sponsored by Long Lake Hounds, Long Lake, MN
Two Fjord horses will compete in a team of four, ridden by Sammi Korinek and Livvy Goddard.

A hunter pace is a form of competition involving horses and riders in which a trail is well marked for horse and rider to follow. Long Lake Hounds sends the Masters to ride the trail at the speed that the Field Hunter (trot/canter/gallop) and Hill Topper (walk/trot/ canter) flights would go if they were fox hunting. The pace time is the optimal time set by the Masters to safely, but quickly, ride the set trail taking into account the footing conditions based. All jumps are optional. Competitors go out in teams of two, three or no more than four to ride the trail. Each group of riders is timed. Riders are penalized for either riding too fast and beating the pace time, or too slow and taking longer than the optimal time for the pace. The group to come closest to the pace time wins the competition.

For more information on fox hunting and other activities:
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Or contact one of the Joint Masters:
Nancy Bizzano, Jt. MFH
(612) 859-1160
Jon Martinson, Jt. MFH
(763) 242-9477

Evaluation Clinic

RESCHEDULED: June 28, 2020, 9am to 4pm
May 16, 10am to 4pm
Hosted by: Sue Plein, Big Valley Ranch
23076 E Burns Valley Rd
Winona, MN 55987
Clinician is Phil Odden
Hotels are just 5 minutes from facility if needed: Holiday Inn Express, Super 8, Fairfield inn, Plaza hotel
Horses are welcome
Possible topics:
I want to know what the evaluators are looking for.
How to prepare for an evaluation.
Grooming hints
Question and answer

NFHR Evaluations

Saturday, September 19, 8:00am to Sunday, September 20, 5:00pm. Location: Belinda’s Best Little Horse House, 28204 560th Ave., Cambridge, IA 50046 The hosts are Jenny Olson, and Sydney Baker,

The second evaluation will be held at the International Agri Center – Equestrian Center, Tulare, CA on Nov 7 & 8. The host is Sara Jongsma,

The applications for these evaluations will be available soon on and from the NFHR office at As in the past, we need application submitted by the deadline for each evaluation. If there are not enough entries submitted, the evaluation may be cancelled. The deadlines are: Iowa – Jul 21, and California – Sep 8.

Enjoy Fjords at these upcoming events!

Horse Fairs/Expos:
Equitana USA (KY)- September 25-27

Metamora CDE/CT (MI): June 18-21
Midwest Carriage Festival (WI): June 20-21
Skunk River Driving Trial (IA): July 17-19
Wade House Carriage Driving Days (WI):  July 17-19
Notara Driving Trial (WI): July 4
Youth and Novice Congress (WI)- open to all breeds – July 16-19
Horse Power Healing Center Benefit Show- August 8-9
Boone County Fair (IL)- August 11-16
Walworth County Fair (WI)- September 2-7
Villa Louis Carriage Classic (WI)- September 11-13
Hermitage Classic (KY)- Oct 1-4

Fjord Promotion Grant: available for club members to represent our breed at local horse fairs.

Members of the Midwest Fjord Horse Club (MWFHC) who will be attending Horse Fairs or Expos with their horses may want to apply for a grant to help with costs for promotional efforts. The MWFHC Board of Directors have agreed to provide up to $200 toward promotion at events. There is no stipulation as to how many MWFHC members or Fjord Horses must attend.

Members who are interested in this funding should submit the following information to the Treasurer ( for approval by the MWFHC Board:

  • Name and date of the event
  • Name(s) of MWFHC members and other group members attending
  • Estimated number of Fjord Horses at the event
  • Estimated attendance at the event
  • Name and phone/email of the Fair/Expo chairperson
  • Name and address of club member to receive reimbursement
  • Indicate form of reimbursement: Check or PayPal transfer

Questions? Contact a member of the MWFHC Board.

Past Events:

Illinois Horse Fair: March 1-3, Springfield, IL

Iowa Horse Fair: March 29-31, Des Moines, IA. Contact Jenny Bailey-Olson ( for more information about Fjord participation.

National Fjord Horse Registry (NFHR) Membership Forum & Annual Meeting:  April 6, Staunton, VA. Contact Jeanne Poirier for more information and registration. Topics: NFHR Evaluation updates and Annual Membership Meeting.

International Omaha Horse Show: April 4-7, Omaha, NE. Contact Ariele Peters if you would like to participate in the Gallery of Breeds.

Equine Affaire: April 11-14, Columbus, OH. Contact Kelly White for more information about Fjord participation.

Midwest Horse Fair: April 12-14, Madison, WI. The Fjord group is set and ready to present!

Minnesota Horse Expo: April 26-28, St. Paul, MN. Contact Heike Lewandowski if interested in participating.

Lower Midwest Club Activity: May 18-19, Greenville, OH (Darke County Fairgrounds). Hosted by Patrick and Mary NeillTopics: trail riding/camping and NFHR Evaluation Demo. Click here for Registration Form for Midwest Club Activity (link contains forms for both Upper and Lower Midwest Club activities).

Upper Midwest Club Activity: Memorial Day Weekend (May 25-27), Barronett, WI. Hosted by Phil OddenTopics: Trail riding/camping and NFHR Evaluation Demo. Click here for Registration Form for Midwest Club Activity (link contains forms for both Upper and Lower Midwest Club activities).

Adult Riding Clinic: June 8-9, Red Horse Ranch, Fergus Falls, MN. Hosted by Andrew Hinrichs.

Wisconsin Feathered Equine Show: August 3, Heartland Equestrian Center, Custer, WI. Hosted by MHBGypsy Ponies. Fun horse show open to all feathered breeds including Gypsies, Friesians, Haflingers, Clydesdales, Shires, Fjords, Fells, etc! Will feature Gypsy classes and Open classes both days!

Boone County Fair: August 8-11, Belvidere, IL. Offers a small number of Fjord classes.

Horse Power Healing Center Benefit Show: August 10-11, Walworth County Fairgrounds, Elkhorn, WI. Two full days of open classes, and there will be seven Fjord only classes each day (halter, riding, and driving). There will also be a Fjord high point each day.

Walworth County Fair: August 28 – September 2, Elkhorn, WI. Variety of open classes. A few local MWFHC members attend.

Villa Louis Carriage Classic: September 6-8, Prairie du Chien, WI. Carriage Classic website. Volunteers also welcome.