Fjord Promotion Grant: Available for club members to represent our breed at local horse fairs.

Members of The Midwest Fjord Horse Club (TMWFHC) who will be attending Horse Fairs or Expos with their fjords may want to apply for a grant to help with costs for promotional efforts. The TMWFHC Board of Directors have agreed to provide up to $200 toward promotion at events. There is no stipulation as to how many TMWFHC members or Fjord Horses must attend.

Members who are interested in this funding should submit the following information to the Treasurer ([email protected]) for approval by the TMWFHC Board:

Click here for the form

  • Name and date of the event
  • Name(s) of MWFHC members and other group members attending
  • Estimated number of Fjord Horses at the event
  • Estimated attendance at the event
  • Name and address of current club member to receive reimbursement
  • Indicate form of reimbursement: Check or PayPal transfer

Questions? Contact a member of the TMWFHC Board.