Membership in the Midwest Fjord Horse Club is open to all interested individuals, whether
they own Norwegian Fjord Horses or not.

Annual membership

Individual: $15.00 per year (1 vote)
Family: $25.00 per year (2 votes)
Business listing: $5.00 per year(optional)
Complete your order:
Printable form: Membership Form 2018
Terms: Annual membership is effective from January 1 to December 31. Dues are delinquent on March 1. New memberships paid on or after June 1 of this calendar year will be current through December 31 of the next calendar year.Business listing: The optional business listing fee is in addition to your individual or family membership fee. Your Fjord-related farm or business will be listed on this website. If you pay by mail, there is a spot on the form for your business information. If you pay online, the Membership Chair or Website Editor will contact you later by email or phone for that information.

Life membership

Individual: $150.00 (1 vote)
Family: $250.00 (2 votes)
Complete your order:
Printable form: Membership Form 2018
Business listing: Life membership includes an optional business listing as described above at no additional charge. You do not have to have a business listing if you do not care for one.


Can I pay with a credit card or PayPal account?

Yes! Click the “Add to cart” button for the membership you want. You can combine your dues payment with a DVD order if you like.

Can I pay with a check or money order?

Yes! Click the “Order by mail” link. Print and fill out the form, and mail it with your payment.

Can I pay dues for more than one year? and Can I pay dues for someone else?

Yes! If paying by mail, just include a note explaining what you want to do. If paying online, click the “Add to cart” button for the membership (family or individual) that you want. Next, change the quantity from “1” to the desired number, and click “Update cart” to save the change.

Examples: If you want to pay your dues for 2 years, type a 2. If you want to pay for 3 people for 1 year each, type a 3.

Return to the Club website to order more items, including the Club’s DVDs. Click “View Cart” if needed to finish your order.

Have questions not answered here? Please contact the Membership Chair.