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August, 2017 Tidbits newsletter

2015 Tidbits Newsletters

2015 MWFHC Horse Show — canceled


2014 Tidbits Newsletters

2014 MWFHC Horse Show Results

Minnesota Horse Council newsletter, May 2014

Review of the 2014 Minnesota Horse Fair with pictures of the Fjord barn displays


2013 Tidbits Newsletters (partial)

2013 MWFHC Horse Show Results


2012 Tidbits Newsletters

2012 MWFHC Horse Show Results


2011 Tidbits Newsletters

2011 MWFHC Horse Show Results

Summer 2011

Highlights: Winter Meeting Friends & Fun, Star Grazing at the Midwest Horse Fair, Horse-A-Rama Presents Grease, Fjords Shine at MN Horse Expo, Obstacle Fun Day

Spring 2011

Highlights: Girls’ Day Out and Fjord Fun Day, Dressage – it’s far from just circles, Now Showing – Western Dressage, Driving Clinic in Illinois


2010 Tidbits Newsletter

Winter 2010

Highlights: It’s a filly!, Fjords in costume

Fall 2010

Highlights: First time at the Show, What can a Fjord do for you?, Fjords got talent!

2010 MWFHC Horse Show Results

Summer 2010

Highlights: Fjords in Wisconsin horse fairs, Minnesota horse expo, A full family event

Spring 2010

Highlights: Celebrate 25 Years of Blue Earth Show, MWFHC Winter Meeting /Clinic review, Informative MWFHC DVDs released

2009 Tidbits Newsletter

Winter 2009

Highlights: NFHR 2009 Midwestern Evaluation, Halloween at Reinbows, What have you done with your Fjord lately? (photo essay)

Fall 2009

Highlights: Wood’s Kandi, 2009 Midwest Fjord Horse Show summary

2009 MWFHC Horse Show results

2009 MWFHC Horse Show reviews

Summer 2009

Highlights: Agenda for summer meeting, The unsung champion: Pat Holland, A little Fjord get together, Minnesota Horse Fair a great success

Spring 2009

Highlights: 24th Blue Earth Show, Mid-Winter’s Night Ride, Winter Meeting Highlights, “Super Fjords” at Midwest Horse Fair, Clearwater Co. Fair Driving Show


2008 Tidbits Newsletter

Winter 2008

Highlights: Allison + Arne = A great pair, Wood’s Kandi: NFHR Register of Excellence Award, Winter meeting information

Fall 2008

Highlights: New job, new home, new life; What it’s all about (Starting to show horses); What I did on my summer vacation

2008 MWFHC Horse Show results

Summer 2008

Highlights: Blue Earth 2008, News from the NFHR, PE Trina receives Register of Excellence award, So, what I said was… (saga of Kay Van Natta’s mounting platform)

Spring 2008

Highlights: MWFHC Winter Meeting, Blue Earth: 23 Years and Going Strong, Fjord Fun Days, CDE driving trial


2007 Tidbits Newsletter

Winter 2007

Highlights: Basic horsemanship tips, NFHR evaluation 2007, 23rd MWFHC show — Blue Earth, Winter meeting 2008

Fall 2007

Highlights: Linda Syverson-Kerr and Marcus — Ambassadors for our Breed, NFHR evaluation La Crosse 2007, Fjords Bring Friends Together

2007 MWFHC Horse Show results

Summer 2007

Highlights: Lois and Viggo’s adventure: Driving to Buffalo, Midwest Horse Fair, Minnesota Horse Expo, Blue Earth 2007 Update

Spring 2007

Highlights: The road to Oz goes through Blue Earth, Our NFHR Anniversary Show
CSI — Blue Earth, Wind, freezing rain, snow — The Winter Meeting

Winter 2006

Highlights: Sleighing in the mud — Pat Holland art, NFHR 25th Anniversary Show and Evaluation, Trying something new: Driving Fjords, Martha Martin resigns as newsletter editor

2006 MWFHC Horse Show results

Fall 2006

Summer 2006

Spring 2006

Winter 2005

2005 MWFHC Horse Show results

History of the MWFHC Horse Show

Fall 2005

Summer 2005

Spring 2005

Winter 2004

2004 MWFHC Horse Show results

Reviews of MWFHC Horse 2004

Fall 2004

Summer 2004

Spring 2004

Winter 2003

Fall 2003